‘’’Shiny Pokemon’’’ are pokemon that have different coloring than the regular wild form of the Pokemon. Shiny Pokemon, also referred to as ‘’’Shinies’’’, are the rarest type of Pokemon, besides Legendary Pokemon.



Every single Pokemon has a shiny form, except for shiny-locked Pokemon, such as Xerneas, Yveltal, and Zygarde. These Pokemon are Legendary. All non-legendary Pokemon ‘’’always’’’ have a shiny form.
A ugly shiny pokemon by tashiyoukai-d6q2zw7

Shiny Hawlucha

When in shiny form, a Pokemon has the same statistics, height, weight, and shape. The only thing that changes is the Pokemon’s color.

Although some Pokemon don’t evolve, Shiny Pokemon that ‘’’do’’’ evolve and eventually evolve, their next form is also shiny (only with that particular Pokemon).

Through notices, a lot of times, especially in the Hoenn Region, many ‘’blue-colored’’ Pokemon turn a ‘’pinkish’’ color when in shiny form, such as Mudkip’s evolution chain and Kyogre.

Also, some Pokemon’s shiny forms are very hard to tell apart from their regular forms, such as Pichu and Froakie. Through evolutions, even when the color of the evolution chain stays, some Pokemon in the chain have very alternate colors than the previous forms, such as Greninja.

Some shiny comparisons


In Battle, there is a very easy way to tell Shiny Pokemon from regular Pokemon. For example, whenever a Shiny Pokemon ‘’’is put onto the battlefield, shining sparkles ring around the pokemon, as the brightness of the screen dims.’’’ This gives attention when someone has encountered a Shiny Pokemon, or when one is put into battle.

In Summary ViewEdit

In the Pokemon Summary View, there is an even easier way to see if a Pokemon is in its Shiny Form. To see, look at the Attack View, and look in the lower left corner. If the Pokemon ‘’’is’’’ shiny, a ‘’’red star will be there’’’. If there is not a red star, that Pokemon isn’t shiny.


Shiny Pokemon are the rarest type of Pokemon of all Pokemon games. Currently in Pokemon X and Y, there is a 1/1846 chance you will encounter a Shiny Pokemon in the wild.

In Pokemon X and Y, you can actually increase the chances of encountering a Shiny Pokemon by searching for Pokemon in the Friend Safari. The chances are greatly increased there.

Chances can also be increased anywhere with the Shiny Charm. A Shiny Charm increases the chances of encountering a Shiny Pokemon everywhere in the game.

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