This is a page where you can request to become rollback. In the comments, please leave your user link, your edit count, and explain why you want to be a rollback.  

Requirements to become a Rollback

  • You must have at least 50 main space edits.
  • You must have been on this wiki for two weeks.
  • You should have nothing in your ban log, however there are exceptions.
  • You must have a good reason.

All these requirements must be met when you submit your comment. Admins and bureaucrats do not need to submit a request.


EXAMPLE: Hi, im User:Mismagius Star and id like to be a rollback. I have about 300 edits and I have reported bad edits. ACCEPTED!

NON-EXAMPLE: im joe that guy and I love pokemon. DECLINED!

Leave a message below, and an admin will reply. If they are not written by User:Mismagius Star or User:Swampert11, they are fake and you won't become a rollback. If they accept, you will become a rollback.