Here, you can report players breaking the Guidelines. Please comment in the comments below.

EXAMPLE:Hi, I'm User:Mismagius Star and I'd like to report joe that guy. He is cursing a lot on his comments and on chat. JOE IS BANNED NOW!

NON-EXAMPLE:Hi, I'm joe that guy and ban john that guy now. JOHN NOT BANNED!

If you send a request, we will either answer you of two templates on your message wall. If the person you reported was violating the Guidelines, you will receive the first box below on your message wall. If they were not violating the Guidelines, you will receive the second box below on your message wall. Remember: If the box message isn't sent by Mismagius Star or Swampert11, it is fake and we haven't sent you an answer yet.

Good Morning!

Hi, we, the admins, have seen that you requested us to block or ban a user for being inappropriate, committing vandalism, or other things restricting the Guidelines. We have seen that what they're doing is a violation on the Guidelines. We thank you so much for reporting us that they're we violating the Guidelines. We are so sorry we didn't see that in the first place. For your actions, we recommend that you should maybe tryout for a chat moderator. You seem to watch for people. If you are interested, visit this page. Thank you so much! Sincerely, Pokemon Wiki Admin

Good Morning!

We, the admins, have seen you've requested that we should ban or block another player. We thank you for doing this, but what you've reported was false. We searched deleted history and none of what you said was true. I'm sorry, but we did not block this person. If you just don't like them, leave them alone. They are doing fine. We hope you're future requests are truthful, but thank you for knowing what to do if there were a real problem. We have discussed it, this person did not violate the Guidelines. Thank you! Sincerely, Pokemon Wiki Admin