Before you make an account, please read this. If you make an account and join this wiki, you're telling us you accept and read and will follow this Terms Of Use always when on this wiki. There are many things you must do to not get blocked on this wiki.

  • Be polite: Never use inappropriate or harmful language.
  • Copyright: Don't copy and paste information from Copyrighted sights.
  • Ages: This wiki is for all ages, so post appropriate things and post kid friendly photos.
  • Information: Add only absolutely correct information on all pages.
  • Socks: Please don't make sock accounts to evade block.
  • Chat: Make sure you're very good and appropriate on chat, we have bots!
  • Vandalism: Don't delete pages or we'll have to block you.
  • Users: Don't I personage someone you are not.
  • Not A Fanon: This wiki isn't a fanon, or a wiki you can add your own pokemon pages on, this is a discussion and True Pokemon Information wiki, so don't add pages of pokemon, series, or types you've made up yourself.
  • Others Profiles: Don't edit other users' profiles. They know more about themselves than you do.
  • Outside: Don't threaten other users not to report you on other wikis. If the threatened person tells us, we will ban them from our wiki and tell a staff member of wikia.
  • Identity: Don't pose as someone else or make a username so similar to another player on purpose. Don't share passwords either.
  • Report: If someone else is violating the rules, report them on this page.
  • Admin: Be extra nice to admin. They control If you stay here, click, or not!
  • Featured User: People that have been a featured user will have a box in their profile. Don't add this box to your profile or we will have to lock your profile, meaning you cannot edit it and only the admins can. If you put inappropriate stuff on your profile, we might lock it also.
  • Images: Make sure images you post aren't copyrighted.

Thank you for reading this and we, the admins, hope you follow these at all times.