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Type: Normal Lickitungequalsmileycyrus
Height: 3'11"
Weight: 144.4 lbs.
National Dex No.: #108

Its long tongue, slathered in a gooey saliva, sticks to anything, so it is very useful.

Pokemon X

Its tongue is twice the length of its body. It can be moved like an arm for grabbing food and attacking.

Pokemon Y

No description available

Pokemon X

No description available

Pokemon Y

Pokemon Alpha Sapphire

Pokemon Omega Ruby

Pokemon Black 2

Pokemon White 2

Pokemon Black

Pokemon White

Pokemon HeartGold

Pokemon SoulSilver

Pokemon Platinum

Pokemon Diamond

Pokemon Pearl

Pokemon FireRed

Pokemon LeafGreen

Pokemon Emerald

Pokemon Ruby

Pokemon Sapphire

Pokemon Gold

Pokemon lSilver

Pokemon Crystal

Pokemon Stadium 2

Pokemon Red

Pokemon Blue

Pokemon Yellow

Pokemon Stadium

===Game Locations===

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