‘’’Grass Type’’’ is one of the original types in the Pokemon Trading Card Game and the original Pokemon Video Games. ‘’’Grass Type’’’ is also referred to as the ‘’first type’’ because in the Card Game Set Lists, ‘’Grass Type Cards’’ always appear first.

Unique PropertiesEdit


‘’Most’’ Grass Type Pokemon have very unique attack effects than any of the other types. ‘’Grass Type’’ is also very similar to ‘’Bug Type’’. ‘’’Grass Type Pokemon’s’’’ attacks, both in the Card Game and Video Game, don’t do much damage at all.

TCG Grass Type Symbol

Most attacks of Grass Pokemon either heal the user, drain the energy from the target, or heal ‘’’allies’’’. These attacks do not do much damage, and in the Card Game, they sometimes do not do any damage, and only effects.

The effects of ‘’’evolved’’’ Pokemon do heal a lot more damage than Pokemon that can evolve but have not yet. The ‘’’Drain’’’ move series includes attacks with ‘’Drain’’ contained and leads up to the most powerful ‘’’Drain’’’ move called ‘’Giga Drain’’.

The other type of effect ‘’’most’’’ Grass Type Pokemon have is ‘’Spores’’. These put the defending Pokemon in a Special Condition, such as Paralysis or Sleep. Stun Spore is an example of a ‘’Spore’’ attack.

In The Card GameEdit

In the Card Game, Grass Type is always the first category of Pokemon in a full list of cards in a TCG set. Fire Type follows Grass Type in the whole set list of a TCG set.

The Grass Type Card type includes both Bug and Grass Type Pokemon, so some Bug Types with be with Grass Type marked cards.