If you'd like to be an administrator, please comment below, show how many edits you've made, and explain why you want to be an admin. If you do get approved, you will most likely become a junior admin and then if you do well, you may be promoted to normal admin. At the time, we are not looking for new bureaucrats.

Requirements to become a Junior Administrator

  • You must have at least 75 main space edits.
  • You must have been on this wiki for a month.
  • You should have nothing your ban log, however there are exceptions.
  • You must have a good reason.
  • It is recommended to already be a rollback or chat mod, however this is not a requirement. 


EXAMPLE: Hi, i'm User:Mismagius Star and i have about 300 edits. I would love to help this wiki grow with wonderful pokemon. ACCEPTED!

NON-EXAMPLE: HI im joe that guy and I have so many edits (2). DECLINED!

Remember:Your edits must be meaningful too. Adding one word to your profile many times to get a lot of edits by doing nothing won't get you to be admin. The existing admins can see exactly every word or space you added or deleted. Adding pokedex pages is the best way to get higher chances to be an admin.

You will get a certain special notification when you are accepted. We will either post this message below on your message wall and in the comments or just send you the message below. Remember:If this message is not sent by Mismagius Star or Swampert11, it is fake and it will not certify you as an admin. Also, when you become admin, on your user page, where your occupation and stuff is, it should say Champion at the top. That means you are now an admin. Thanks!


You've been making wonderful contributions to this wiki and are active a lot. Congratulations! You have been granted adminship!